Yeshua: The Word of The Lord - AV

The Targums (or Targumim), which mean 'interpretations,' are the Aramaic paraphrase of the Hebrew Scriptures. The two most popular Targumim are Onkelos and Jonathan ben Uzziel. Historically, they have been regarded as authorative by the Jewish people and have been read in the synagogues as an interpretation of the Torah and the Prophets. Where written Scripture indicates YHVH interacting with His people, the Targumim often interpret this as being the 'Word of YHVH.' The Targumim explain that the 'Word of YHVH'' created the heavens and earth, was in the Garden of Eden, made covenant with Abraham and gave the Torah at Mount Sinai. The 'Word of YHVH' redeems Israel, forgives sin, hears prayers, makes intercession, judges the whole earth and is worshipped. These things parallel Yeshua in the New Testament. From this perspective, we can answer the question, "Is Yeshua YHVH?".

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