Yeshua: The Shekinah Av Presentation

The Bible is the story of the glory. The Shekinah is the glory of the Lord. The Shekinah is the cloud by day and pillar of fire by night. The Shekinah will lead the twelve tribes of Israel to the land of Israel during the greater exodus in the end of days. At that time, the Shekinah will be upon the Bride of Messiah. The Shekinah will light the New Jerusalem. The Rabbis teach that the Shekinah is the messenger between heaven and earth, Metatron, the deliverer of Israel, the voice of the Lord your God, the Son of God and YHVH. This DVD will explain how what the Rabbis teach about the Shekinah parallels what the New Testament teaches about Yeshua. It will answer the question, "Is Yeshua YHVH?"

This is an Audio Visual presentation by Eddie Chumney using power point.

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