USA in Bible Prophecy - AV

Audio/Visual presentation using Power Point with Eddie's voice over

Is the USA in Bible Prophecy? Yes, she is called the "daughter of Babylon" (Isaiah 47:1, Jeremiah 50:43, Jeremiah 51:33). She has the characteristics of the ancient Babylon but is an end-time nation. Her judgment is described in detail in Isaiah, Jeremiah, Revelation. The daughter of Babylon is described as being the glory of kingdoms, a military power, economically prosperous, a land of pleasures, idolatry, wickedness, and witchcraft. She refuses to repent. She is completely destroyed during the tribulation period in the "time of harvest." Prior to being completely destroyed, the house of Israel and the house of Judah who are living in the USA return to the land of Israel. Babylon means, "confusing by mixing." There is a religious, political and financial Babylonian system. HaSatan is the king of Babylon.