Touching the Heart of God by Paul Wilbur

Did you know that you have a huge inheritance and that you serve a King who exposes His plans, purposes, power, and deepest secrets to you as a citizen in His Kingdom? In Touching the Heart of God you will learn about this King and His Kingdom—its order, its benefits, and the privilege afforded to its citizens in celebrating the greatest military and spiritual victories in recorded history.

The God of all creation actually keeps a calendar that celebrates His activity in the history of mankind and encourages our participation in the feasts. Whether you are a Messianic or Gentile believer in our amazing Messiah, you will find new and empowering insights in this book, which will build your faith and provoke your participation.

Paul Wilbur, internationally-acclaimed worship artist, song writer, pastor and teacher, unpacks the “Calendar of the Kingdom” in a way that reunites Christians with their Jewish foundations in a crystal-clear understanding of who we are in Christ and how the Father intends for us to successfully and joyfully walk in His Kingdom. Get ready to be challenged in your thinking and excited about the days we are living in. These are the days of Elijah!

• The Feasts of the Lord…you have an engraved invitation!

• Your citizenship in the Kingdom of God brings major benefits to your life today!

• How can Christians and Jews walk as One New Man and change our world today?

• Clearly see how the Old and New Testaments integrate for His purpose.

• Is it possible to Touch the Heart of God?

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