Torah Portions Notebook

The Torah Portions Notebook is designed to encourage contextual analysis, critical review, and personal application. Each book of the Torah (Genesis through Deuteronomy) is divided into sections according to the traditional Torah Portions (Parashat HaShavua). As an open form journal, the Torah Portions Notebook is designed to help you distill your findings and preserve your thoughts — not merely lead you to a series of predetermined conclusions. Perfect for any student of the Bible, regardless of background, religion, or worldview.

Each section includes:

  • A listing of the traditional weekly Torah Portion.

  • An open date field to accommodate any calendar.

  • Sequentially ordered portions, but flexible for anyone starting mid-year or overlapping annual Parashot cycles.

  • The Hebrew and English names of the book and portion, including the opportunity to write the Paleo or modern Hebrew names of each section.

  • Structured fields for contextual, literary analysis, including the portion’s major headlines, conflicts or changes, and keywords.

  • Designated fields for notation of personal application and meaning.

  • An open page for free-form study notes, including guides for references and nested bullet points — keeping all your notes organized and tidy.

  • Coded key for marking the significance of various passages, perfect for quick reference at later dates.