The Restoration and the Gifts of the Spirit

Restoration—what does it mean and is it necessary? Over time, thoughts, ideas, and perceptions change. Restoration is needed when these thoughts and ideas need to return to their original state and be understood in their original context. I feel this is especially true when we approach Scripture. We change, Scripture does not. The question that should be asked is, “which direction are we going in?” In many ways, we cannot go forward until we establish a solid starting point. The further we get away from the starting point, the more the need is to return to the beginning. It is with this thought that this work was written.

Many have removed themselves from the gifts of the Ruach (Spirit) because of misconceptions or actions that may be viewed as unscrupulous or unscriptural. This book will show you how the Ruach moved throughout the entirety of Scripture and how It affects our lives today.

Paperback - 246 Pages

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