My Sons Are Jewish

In her quest to discover the true nature of the question, ?Who is a Jew?? author Paula Clayman emphatically unravels many exciting historical facets while tracing biblical lineages and exposing their valuable contributions. My Sons Are Jewish takes you on a journey through the Old Testament and beyond, following the story of the Jews as they carried forth the blessing of Abraham to all the people of the world. Through revisiting the ancient text of the Bible and tracing the steps of the Jews, an unbroken cord is exposed; a cord that conveyed much more than their ancient traditions and heritage. This cord brought forth the religion given to humankind, which foreshadowed all that was to be, and a promise of inheritance to all who choose to receive, including Jews who return to their roots. You will better understand Jewish history and how Christianity, rather than being a "new" religion, is a continuation of the religion of the Jews as given by God. As a result, Christians will better understand their own religious heritage and their Jewish spiritual roots, while the Jewish reader will see how Christianity arose from Judaism in its pure form.

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