Marriage Commandments - Book

Discover God’s foundation for marriage.

The Ten Commandments outline the terms of God’s marriage to His bride. They are the vows of their eternal covenant. Contained in those ancient vows are ten principles that define Godly marriage.

This book explores the intricacies of God’s marriage to Israel and provides a radical new framework for understanding what husbands and wives need from one another. Using the Ten Commandments as a guide, The Marriage Commandments cuts deeply, past mere actions and to the heart of relationships. In this book, you will see how each commandment carries a principle that is essential to building and maintaining a strong marriage. Drawing meaning from the original Hebrew text and context from present-day examples, this book presents truths that will revolutionize how men and women view their marriages and one another.

The Marriage Commandments will:

Teach the essential principles of Godly marriage.

Show the deeper meaning of the Ten Commandments, God’s marriage covenant.

Challenge you to fundamentally reassess your perception of your spouse and your marriage.

Provide a foundation upon which you can build a strong, rewarding, and lasting marriage.

Paperback, 136 pages.