How to Be the Bride of Yeshua - AV

Audio/Visual presentation using Power Point with Eddie's voice over

Do you desire to be the Bride of Yeshua? Who is the Bride of Yeshua? Will all believers in Yeshua as Messiah dwell with Him as His Bride in the New Jerusalem? What is the prize of the high calling of God that Paul mentioned in Philippians 3:14? What are the Biblical characteristics of the Bride of Yeshua? Is it important to seek to do the Will of God in our lives? What does it mean to be a disciple of Yeshua? How do we love Yeshua with all our heart? What is the difference between a faithful servant and an unfaithful servant? Who will rule and reign with Yeshua for all eternity and why? Learn the answer to these questions and much more in this dynamic teaching series on “How to be the Bride of Yeshua" by Eddie Chumney.