Hebraic Roots 101 Part 3 (Digital Download MP3)

What are the Hebraic Roots of Christianity? In part, it is the faith that Yeshua taught His disciples. Most people don't realize that the Christianity that they are taught in their churches is Greco-Roman Christianity. As a result, most Christians see the Bible through Greek eyes rather than Hebrew eyes. Furthermore, they don't view Yeshua through the eyes of the Torah. As a result, we need to reexamine the basic foundations of our faith. In this teaching, we cover the following subjects: 1) The entire Bible is written about Yeshua 2) Yeshua gave the Torah at Mount Sinai 3) What is the role of the Holy Spirit in following Yeshua's Torah? 4) Should non-Jews keep the weekly Sabbath and annual Biblical Festivals? 5) What is the new covenant? 6) What is the great commission? 7) What is Yeshua's role in gathering and uniting the twelve tribes of Israel? 8) What is sin? 9) Who is the house of Jacob? 10) What does it mean to 'walk as Yeshua walked' (1 John 2:6) ? (Audio)