Where are You God

When Moses was dispatched to the Children of Israel and declared to Pharaoh that God wanted His people set free, things did not work out like Moses thought they should have...

Instead, Pharaoh made the bondage even harder making bricks without straw. Moses expected things to happen quickly since God had given him the signs to show the people and Pharaoh. In the midst of his discouragement he cried out to God asking Him what He was doing. It was a moment of great weakness and frustration waiting on the LORD.

Today, we are looking for the signs of the end. We have a great expectation for God's hand to be shown in the world events taking place. While we have seen some things, time moves on and it is easy to share the same discouraging moment that Moses faced.

Where are You God? When are You going to do something? These are questions on our hearts in these days. But God answered Moses laying out His great plan of deliverance. It is the same plan has for us at the end of the ages. (1 Video DVD)

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