What do I do Now?

Although I have been in the Messianic Movement for more than 30 years, I continue to be amazed and encouraged by the increasing number of new Messianic believers. Many of these new brethren ask, “What do I do now?” after they turn to a Messianic lifestyle. If you have been Messianic for a number of years, you may have met some of these same brethren in your own walk. This teaching is designed to orient and introduce many important topics to the new believer. Topics include: Sabbath and the custom of Kiddush, Hebrew calendars, basic kosher commandments, and how to deal with family, friends, and church brethren concerning your beliefs, and more. I pray that this video will encourage and strengthen those who have turned to the teaching of Moses as he taught about our Messiah Yeshua. (1 Video DVD)