Weekly Torah Portions - Widescreen-DVD - 5 Deuteronomy

Volume 5 - Deuteronomy (11 Video DVDs)

In 2016, Monte Judah completed his 30th year of teaching Torah on a weekly basis. We have captured those portions in crystal-clear high definition and present the 3rd video edition of the complete Torah teaching set. The teachings in these 5 volumes are meant to be heard weekly in following with the annual Torah cycle. The Torah is living, and you will receive a blessing every Sabbath when the Word of God is taught in your home. This is our best Torah series yet! 

  1. Devarim - "Words"      
  2. Va’etchanan - "And I Pleaded"     
  3. Ekev - "On the Heel of"     
  4. Re'eh - "See"
  5. Shoftim - "Judges"     
  6. Ki Tetse - "When You Go Out"     
  7. Ki Tavo - "When You Enter In"     
  8. Nizavim - "You are Standing"     
  9. VaYelech - "And He Went"     
  10. Haazinu - "Give Ear"     
  11. Vezoth HaBerachah - "The Blessing"     

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