Torah is For All People Part 2 (Digital Download MP3)

Is Torah for everyone? Or, is it just for Jews? This is a major question facing many Messianic brethren today. It is the same question that was raised in the New Testament. It has to do with those who are physical Jews, biologically born of Israel, versus those who are physically Gentile, biologically born of the nations. Both groups are present in Messianic congregations and the vast majority are non-Jewish. The question we are addressing is in Acts 15 concerning the Law of Moses and Gentiles. Clearly, the Torah was given to Israel (all of the tribes) via Moses. There is no question about that. But Gentiles who come to faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who believe and trust in the Messiah’s redemption, which commandments are they to follow? Is the Torah for everyone of faith or is it just for Israel (the Jews)?  (MP3 Audio part 2 of 2)