The Study of the Book of Revelation Part 10 (Digital Download MP3)

The study of the book of Revelation is a compelling and mandatory undertaking for any student or teacher of Bible prophecy. Beyond this group, the people of the world are intrigued about their future. Therefore, the book of Revelation stirs up interest for everyone. However, the book also is filled with more than just symbolizm and bizarre scenes in heaven and on earth. Interest has increased significantly in this generation as technology has emerged. Prophetic events were formerly classified as supernatural, but with the advent of technology and travel, many of the book’s statements are providential and evident in our generation. Monte teaches this book in twelve sessions. Do not expect to hear the same information you have heard from previous prophecy teachers. Does Monte tell us when the Messiah is coming? No. But he does tell us what will happen when the Messiah does come - and it is not what the church and Christians are expecting (MP3 Audio part 10 of 12)