The Story of Esther Activity Book for Beginners

Your children will LOVE learning about Esther and the festival of Purim with our hands-on The Story of Esther Activity Book. Each lesson invites children to explore the story of Esther through coloring activities, fun worksheets, puzzles, and crafts.

The Story of Esther Activity Book includes:

  • FIVE detailed teacher lesson plans, including Party at the palace, Esther marries the king, The wise queen, Mordecai’s reward, and Esther saves her people
  • 76 pages of fun and engaging activities
  • Certificate of Award for children
  • Original Bible Pathway Adventures® illustrations
  • Answer key for teachers and parents

The perfect resource for Sabbath and Sunday School lessons, and homeschooling. Very little teacher prep needed. 

What’s Inside?
Lesson One: Party at the palace
Worksheet: Trace the Words
Coloring page: Party at the palace
Worksheet: What do you eat at a party?
Worksheet: My party meal
Worksheet: G is for gold
Connect the dots: King of Persia
Labyrinth: The palace
Bible word search: The palace
Puzzle: What is Esther’s secret?

Lesson Two: Esther marries the king
Worksheet: P is for Palace
Worksheet: The number seven
Worksheet: Esther gets ready
Worksheet: Tracing map
Esther Flashcards
Coloring page: Esther meets the king
Coloring page: A new queen
Worksheet: I spy!
Coloring activity: The king’s gift
Bible craft: Make a crown
Worksheet: Matching pairs
Worksheet: The happy king

Lesson Three: The wise queen
Coloring page: Haman
Worksheet: The king’s ring
Map activity: The Persian Empire
Bible activity: The palace
Bible activity: I can write!
Worksheet: R is for rod
What’s my sound? R
Worksheet: The number three
Worksheet: Esther was brave!
Worksheet: E is for Esther

Lesson Four: Mordecai’s reward
Connect the dots: Mordecai
Worksheet: M is for Mordecai
Bible craft: Esther necklace
Worksheet: Trace the Words
Coloring page: Mordecai’s reward
Bible word search: Mordecai’s reward
Bible activity: The king’s robe
Worksheet: Follow the path from A-Z
Worksheet: What’s different?

Lesson Five: Esther saves her people
Bible activity: The feast
Memory verse coloring: Esther
Worksheet: The messengers
Worksheet: H is for horse
Worksheet: Matching pairs
Let’s learn Hebrew: Ester
Worksheet: Counting practice
Counting activity: Hamantaschen
Let’s Draw: Draw a gift
Craft: Gift tags
Worksheet: True or False?
Certificate of Award