The Forgotten King

A rhyming picture-book parable that seeks to engage and orient young imaginations toward a vision of the True King, and his desire to be with his people.

This book is a parable…a short story to help engage our imaginations with what God is doing in His world. What happens when a people forget their good king and lose their way? How does the king respond? Who is he going to send to make things right again? How is he going to make sure that he’ll never be forgotten?

A beautiful parable with an ending unlike anything I’ve ever read in fiction. Wonderful. Too true to not be good!”

—S.D. Smith, Author of The Green Ember series

“The truth of God’s kingdom comes alive with wit and wonder on these beautifully illustrated pages.”

—Sandra McCracken, Singer-songwriter & author of Send Out Your Light: The Illuminating Power of Scripture and Song

Hardback, 39 pages