The Fall Feasts Beginners Activity Book

Day of Trumpets….Day of Atonement….Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot)…. Your children will LOVE learning about the Fall Feasts with our FUN hands-on Fall Feasts Activity Book for Beginners. Each section invites children to explore God’s feasts through coloring pages, activities, puzzles, and crafts – all designed to help them learn and celebrate the Father’s Appointed Times in a fun and creative way. 

The Fall Feasts Activity Book for Beginners includes:

  • 71 pages of worksheets that teach children the meaning of Trumpets, Atonement, and Tabernacles
  • Alphabet worksheets to help them learn their ABCs
  • Coloring and tracing pages to help children remember what they’ve learned
  • Fun and engaging Fall Feast puzzles
  • Original Bible Pathway Adventures® illustrations
  • How to write the Hebrew words for Yom Teru’ah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot
  • How to dress like an ancient Israelite
  • How to make a paper shofar

What’s Inside?
Day of Trumpets (Yom Teru’ah)
Coloring page: Day of Blowing
Worksheet: Trace the Words
Connect the dots: A shofar!
Worksheet: I spy!
Labyrinth: Where’s my shofar?
Let’s learn Hebrew: Yom Teru’ah
Worksheet: Parts of a ram
Worksheet: Yah’s calendar
Bible word search puzzle: Day of Trumpets
Bible craft: Make a crown for a king!
Worksheet: The number seven
Coloring page: The Sabbath
Bible flashcards
Worksheet: What’s different?
Bible craft: Make a shofar
Let’s learn Hebrew: Shofar
Worksheet: Alphabet challenge

Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur)
Coloring page: Yom Kippur
Coloring page: The High Priest
Bible craft: The High Priests breastplate
Tracing map: Help the High Priest find the temple
Bible activity: The temple
Finish the picture: The High Priest
Let’s learn Hebrew: Yom Kippur
Bible craft: Make a Yom Kippur necklace
Coloring page: What is repentance?
Worksheet: Who entered the holy of holies?
Worksheet: The number 10
Worksheet: What a lot of animals!
Alphabet worksheet: T is for Tribe
Worksheet: What’s my Sound?
Coloring page: Twelve tribes of Israel
Bible flashcards
Worksheet: Matching pairs
Bible activity: Dress like an Israelite

Feast of Tabernacles & the Last Great Day (Sukkot & Shemini Atzeret)
Coloring page: Sukkah for Sukkot
Let’s learn Hebrew: Sukkot
Worksheet: How did the Israelites travel?
Tracing map: Help the Israelites get to Jerusalem
Map activity: Journey to Jerusalem
Bible word search puzzle: Sukkot
Bible activity: The Israelites
Worksheet: Days of the week
Worksheet: I spy!
Worksheet: Complete the pattern
Coloring page: Happy Sukkot!
Bible craft: Make a Fall Feasts door hanger
Coloring page: Draw your own sukkah
Worksheet: The letter S
Craft: Grapes and olives
Bible flashcards
Connect the dots: King Solomon’s temple
Worksheet: The water ceremony
Labyrinth: The water ceremony
Worksheet: Trace the Words
Worksheet: W is for water
Coloring page: Are you thirsty?