The 4 Horsemen

 For over 25 years, Monte Judah has watched, studied, and taught on what prophecies still have to be fulfilled before the return of Messiah will take place. He does this in order to warn others to be prepared for the days ahead, and to prepare their hearts and homes for the darkness of this world. 

Revelation 6:6, and 13:16-18 describe events that still must occur before the greater exodus. We are now seeing digital money (mark of the beast?), the unveiling of the new world order (one world government), the potential rise of an Anti-Christ figure (Prince Charles?), as well as Mathew 24:6-8 (wars and rumors of wars?). The first 4 seals and horsemen could all be in front of us by the end of 2023. 

This DVD also features a bonus Q&A Interview with Ephraim and Monte Judah to help answer some questions you may still have been left with.

Approx. 1 Hour 17 minutes

(1 Video DVD)