Learning Hebrew: The Alphabet Activity Book

Looking for a fun and easy way to teach your children the Hebrew alphabet? Our Learning Hebrew: The Alphabet activity book is the perfect tool to help you teach your children the basics of the Hebrew alphabet, while giving them insight into the day-to-day life of the Hebrew people.

We’ve included twenty two coloring activities and short explanations to show children how each letter was understood by the Hebrews, Plus plenty of opportunities for them to practice writing what they’ve learned. Understanding Hebrew will help kids gain an increased Biblical understanding and a deeper love for the people of the Bible. 

Learning Hebrew: The Alphabet Activity Book includes:

  • Printable Hebrew Alphabet chart in pdf format (8.5″ x 11″)
  • Modern Hebrew Alphabet pronunciation chart to help children pronounce the Hebrew alphabet
  • Original Bible Pathway Adventures® illustrations
  • Two hands-on coloring worksheets for each letter of the Hebrew Alphabet featuring pictograph, paleo, and modern Hebrew: Aleph, Bet, Gimmel, Dalet, Hey, Vav, Zayin, Het, Tet, Yod, Kaph, Lamed, Mem, Nun, Samech, Ayin, Peh, Tsadi, Qoph, Resh, Shin, and Tav