Heritage of Abraham - Foundations of Faith (CD Set)

This set is a comprehensive series of teachings intended for modern-day believers to understand essential Biblical principles. These principles, which are found in the Torah and in the stories of Abraham, are the foundations of Judeo-Christian beliefs. Modern Christianity has changed and distorted many of these lessons, leading many people to believe that they are done away with when they are, in fact, the very things that prove our Faith in Messiah Yeshua. This teaching set will show you the Biblical definitions for key spiritual words like faith, grace, justice, mercy, righteousness, sacrifice, and salvation. You will also learn about the seven covenants God has made with man and how no new covenant has replaced an old one. You will see how God has planned and ordained everything since the beginning of time and revealed it through the Hebrew language. No matter what religious background you are from, this teaching will rebuild the foundations of your spiritual walk with the truth of God and not with the traditions on men. (12 CD Set)

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