Escape, Survive, Endure Part 4 (Digital Download MP3)

The Scriptures describe three destinies of the Tribulation Saints: some will die by attempting to use armed resistance, some will be taken captive and die, but another group will ESCAPE, SURVIVE, AND ENDURE to the end. This third group will see the resurrection of the saints and the coming of the Son of God. So, how will the saints escape? When do they escape and where will they go? How will they survive with no water or food and how will they defend themselves? How will they endure 3 ½ years in the wilderness?

The answers to these questions are in this three-part series. God has promised us many things to help us, He has told us about our escape plan, He has promised key resources for our survival, and He has instructed us from the past how to pass the tests of endurance.

If you have any sense of preparing for the future, then this program is essential for you and your family. This teaching was taught at the Feast of Tabernacles in October, 2012. (MP3 Audio part 4 of 6)