Defining the Great Tribulation Part 2 (Digital Download MP3)

This teaching was presented at the Feast of Tabernacles celebration in Chandler, OK in 2007. Defining the Great Tribulation teaching set by Monte Judah is a series of five presentations addressing the following topics: The Biblical Definition of the Great Tribulation; The Beginning and End of the Great Tribulation; The Key Players of the Great Tribulation, The Judgments of the Great Tribulation, and The Great Escape of the Great Tribulation. Monte walks you through Scripture by Scripture for every discussion point. This study brings clarity to a host of topics about the Great Tribulation. It is not like any study you have done on this subject, and there are numerous moments where you will stop and say, “I didn’t know that the Bible said that about the Great Tribulation.” A must for anyone studying the end times.  Digital Study Guide Sold Separately. (MP3 Audio part 2 of 5)