Clean and Unclean Activity Book for Beginners

Your children will LOVE learning about clean and unclean animals of the Bible with this FUN hands-on Clean and Unclean Activity Book for Beginners. Each page invites them to learn about clean and unclean animals, birds, and marine animals through coloring and writing activities. Designed to help you teach your children the basics of clean and unclean animals (Deuteronomy 14 and Leviticus 11) in a fun and creative way. Suitable for kids ages 3-7

This is a great way to introduce clean and unclean animals and birds into your homeschooling routine or classroom. Very little teacher prep needed.

What you’ll get…

  • 60+ coloring activity pages featuring clean and unclean animals
  • Word tracing exercises to help your child learn their ABCs
  • Animal flashcards to help your child remember what they learned
  • Fun clean and unclean Bible word search puzzles
  • Hands-on activity pages to increase bible knowledge
  • Original Bible Pathway Adventures® illustrations
  • Full list of Clean and Unclean animals

Clean and Unclean Activity Book includes…

1. Coloring activity pages:

  • Clean: cow, sheep, locust, deer, goat, fish, moose, chicken, buffalo, turkey, antelope, giraffe, duck, peacock
  • Unclean: donkey, pig, lion, worm, camel, frog, hippo, snake, dog, monkey, rabbit, crab, shrimp, elephant

2. Printable flashcard sets:

  • Set 1: cow, sheep locust, deer
  • Set 2: goat, fish, moose, chicken
  • Set 3: buffalo, turkey, antelope, giraffe
  • Set 4: duck, peacock, donkey, pig
  • Set 5: lion, worm, camel, frog
  • Set 6: hippo, snake, dog, monkey
  • Set 7: rabbit, crab, shrimp, elephant

3. Bible word search puzzles (clean and unclean animals)
4. Clean and Unclean animal name tracing and writing exercises
5. Clean and Unclean animal activity pages