Black/Gold Tallit with Bag

Black/Gold Tallit with Bag.  This Tallit is 74" X 24" normal size tallit.  The Tzitzits have a blue thread included.

A Tallit is a Jewish prayer shawl worn during services, blessings and prayers. It has a crown with a blessing and Tzitziot tied in the corners. This special tallit is specific for believers in Yeshua and the New Covenant. Each corner is embroidered with the Hebrew phrase shaloo shalom Yerushalayim - Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Each Tzitzit is already tied with a blue thread. Tallit comes with a zippered bag that is embroidered with matching purple stripes. This tallit also has a unique blessing across the crown: BARUCH  ATAH  ADONAI  ELOHENU  MELECH  HA’ OLAM  ASHER  KIDSHANU B'MITZVOTAV L'HEET'ATEIF B'TZITZIT. - Blessed are you O' Lord King of the Universe Who has sanctified us and commanded us to wrap the tassels.