Birth of the King Activity Book for Beginners

On one extraordinary night, the Messiah was born in the town of Bethlehem. The world would never be the same again! Your children will LOVE learning about Yeshua’s birth with our hands-on Birth of the King Beginners Activity Book. Packed with lesson plans, fun worksheets, coloring pages, puzzles and crafts to help educators just like you teach children the Biblical faith.

Birth of the King Activity Book includes:

  • FIVE detailed teacher lesson plans, including An angel visits Mary, The king is born, A star in the sky, Visit of the Wise Men, and Escape to Egypt!
  • 80+ pages of fun and engaging activities in pdf format (8.5″ x 11″)
  • Certificate of Award for children
  • Original Bible Pathway Adventures’ illustrations
  • Answer key for teachers and parents

The perfect Bible story resource for Sabbath and Sunday School classes, and homeschooling. Very little teacher prep needed. 

“These activities are a blessing to all of us. Train a child up in the way they should and when they are older they will not depart from it! Thank you for putting these books out. Would love one for my five year old.”  (via Facebook)

What’s Inside?
Lesson One: An angel visits Mary
Connect the dots: Mary
Let’s draw: Mary and the angel
Alphabet worksheets: A is for angel
Worksheet: What’s the Word?
Worksheet: D is for donkey
Worksheet: Joseph’s dream
Map activity: To Bethlehem!
Coloring page: Road to Bethlehem
Bible craft: Bible puppets
Worksheet: Let’s count!
Worksheet: My family

Lesson Two: The king is born!
Let’s learn Hebrew: Yom Teru’ah
Alphabet worksheet: M is for Manger
Worksheet: Lying in a manger
Bible activity: Israelite house
Bible activity: Shepherds in the fields
Worksheet: Parts of a sheep
Worksheet: Day & night
Worksheet: Family tree
Bible craft: Make a crown
Worksheet: The letter K
Bible craft: Let’s make a sheep!
Bible word search puzzle: A king is born

Lesson Three: A star in the sky
Connect the dots: A Wise Man
Bible activity: King Herod’s palace
Labyrinth: Help the Wise Men
Worksheet: Journey to Jerusalem
Coloring page: Arrival of the Wise Men
Worksheet: Sun, moon, and stars
Worksheet: Find the letter!
Coloring page: The heavens
Worksheet: Star in the sky
Worksheet: Create a star
Worksheet: Go!
Bible flashcards
Bible craft: Make a hanging mobile

Lesson Four: Visit of the Wise Men
Worksheet: I spy!
Worksheet: H is for horse
Complete the pattern
Tracing map: The Wise Men
Bible worksheet: Three gifts
Worksheet: Trace the Words
Worksheet: Who visited Yeshua?
Memory verse: The Wise Men
Let’s draw: Draw a gift
Let’s learn Hebrew: Yeshua

Lesson Five: Escape to Egypt!
Labyrinth: Escape to Egypt
Coloring page: The king of Egypt
Map activity: Escape to Egypt
Coloring page: King Herod
Worksheet: Ancient Egypt
Bible word search puzzle: Escape to Egypt
Worksheet: E is for Egypt
Worksheet: The number three
Worksheet: Go to Egypt
Coloring page: Out of Egypt
Certificate of Award